Première Vision: bold and continually evolving

Constant fieldwork, and a unique ability to anticipate, are the twin engines driving Première Vision’s development and its success. And also boldness. A boldness that leads it to constantly re-examine itself, to continue to be the one essential meeting-point for global fashion players.

November 2014

A new brand policy for the world’s leading event for fashion industry professionals.

Première Vision Pluriel takes on a new dimension with a new brand policy focused on the Première Vision name. Première Vision Pluriel now becomes Première Vision Paris, the global event for fashion industry professionals. The Première Vision brand will be appended to the definition of the specific business activity of each show:

  • „Expofil, becomes Première Vision Yarns (the international show of yarns and fibres)
  • Première Vision, becomes Première Vision Fabrics (the world’s premier fabric show)
  • Cuir à Paris, becomes Première Vision Leather (the international leather and fur specialist show)
  • Indigo, becomes Première Vision Designs (the international show for creative textiles and surface designs)
  • Modamont, becomes Première Vision Accessories (the international accessories and components show for fashion and design)
  • Zoom, becomes Première Vision Manufacturing (the show of fashion-manufacturing specialists)


March 2014

Première Vision S.A., acquires, through its subsidiary Modamont SAS, the Cuir à Paris show from current owners SIC S.A., which is a division of the professional organisation of the French leather industry. The operation allows Première Vision to take complete control of the six Première Vision Pluriel shows. Cuir à Paris, a show specialised in leather and fur for international fashion and design industry professionals, is approximately 15 years old. In 2005 it joined the Première Vision Pluriel show ensemble.

September 2013

Eurovet and Première Vision sign agreement for acquisition of “fashion” shows from Eurovet

Première Vision S.A., leader international des salons professionnels pour les industries de la mode, et Eurovet SAS, leader international des salons pour la filière lingerie-balnéaire, viennent de signer un accord qui devrait aboutir dans les semaines à venir, après obtention de toutes les autorisations, à la reprise par Première Vision des salons « mode » d’Eurovet. Cette activité comprend les salons dédiés à la confection à façon Fatex, Zoom by Fatex et Made in France by Fatex, ainsi que les salons de matières et de produits positionnés sur le court terme et l’actualisation, Tissu Premier et Collections. Un ensemble de 8 manifestations par an organisées à Paris et à Lille (France).

September 2012

In addition to its exhibiting weavers offer, Première Vision presents a new space dedicated to knitwear experts! In an area especially adapted to the presentation of flatbed knit collections, a select group of manufacturers will present their creative collections and know-­‐how. A platform in the hall 5, that will bring together international knitters, as well as spinners, knit studios (at Indigo), and machine manufacturers: four complementary activities dedicated to the development of knit collections.



September 2011

Première Vision creates a new area at Première Vision Paris: the Maison d’Exceptions, bringing together artisans with a rare know-how and traditional or innovative techniques. The aim is to offer luxury and premium brands the opportunity to stand out and assert their cultural particularities by turning to unique pieces or limited editions created in collaboration with workshops mastering exceptional techniques or expertise. An area dedicated to ultimate creativity, fostering links between artistic craftsmen and industry.


December 2010

Première Vision reorganises the ownership of its shareholdings. GL events buys back the shares held by Eurovet, raising its participation in the company’s capital to 49%. The Association Première Vision, which groups together French textile manufacturers, maintains a majority stake with 51% of shares.

February 2010

The show undergoes a complete transformation, now evoking a white city, contemporary and cosmopolitan, with a strikingly sober and geometric architecture. The artisans behind the transformation are two internationally renowned artists, Eric Jourdan and Francesca Avossa.

September 2009

Première Vision launches the PV Awards. These 4 Prizes – the Grand Jury Prize, Imagination Prize, Handle Prize and Innovation Prize – are awarded each year by a prestigious jury to single out textile excellence.



Première Vision creates Première Brasil, a joint venture with the Brazilian company Fagga Eventos, a national leader in the creation of events. Première Brasil, held in January and July in Sao Paulo, brings together primarily Brazilian and Latin American producers. The offer is rounded out by international companies exhibiting at Première Vision.



Première Vision SA acquires Direction, the leading American show for patterns and textile design. Through the acquisition of this show, renamed Direction by Indigo, Première Vision strengthens the global leadership of its Indigo brand in patterns and design shows, and also secures itself a direct presence in the American market.



At the beginning of 2008, Première Vision SA purchases 49% of the capital in Sepic SAS, owners and organisers of ModAmont, from Tarsus. This partnership will allow ModAmont, an international show of supplies and accessories for fashion and design, to strengthen its effectiveness within Première Vision Pluriel, and accelerate its development.



December 2007

Attuned to the needs of the very specific denim market, Première Vision creates Denim by Première Vision, the leading trade fair dedicated entirely to jeans fabrics. The event takes place twice a year, in Paris (Halle Freyssinet). In just a few editions, Denim by Première Vision becomes the show of reference for all global players in jeanswear.



Première Vision opens its capital to two partners in the same field of activity , GL events and Eurovet. The Première Vision Association, representing French textile manufacturers, maintains majority control of the company. This move will make it possible, building on the leading role played by Première Vision Paris, to progressively develop an offer of trade fairs without equivalent in the world.

October 2006

The creation of Première Vision Moscow. With two editions a year, in March and October, the show targets a booming fashion market, hungry for the latest information and high-level fabrics not found locally.

nov2010 logo PVM


The work of fashion designers and buyers evolves in response to an increasingly versatile consumer market. A mix of different fabrics and technologies in collections develops. To respond to this new way of working, Première Vision structures the show in 4 style universes: Seduction, Distinction, Relax, Pulsation.


Expofil, Première Vision, Le Cuir à Paris, Indigo and ModAmont come together under the “Première Vision Pluriel” banner. The five shows have complementary businesses and constitute a unique ensemble for international fashion professionals. In September 2008, they are joined by Zoom by Fatex, a trade fair specialising in fashion manufacturing.

Logo PLURIEL bleu positif



Indigo joins Première Vision and Expofil in Première Vision SA. A leading show for patterns and textile design, Indigo benefits from a complementary business activity with Première Vision and Expofil, while also fully maintaining its own identity.

indigo dyw

March 2004

The launch of Première Vision China, in Shanghai. Conceived in the spirit of a very selective club, this show addresses mid- and top-level buyers. It targets a market – initially a niche market – that is gradually growing and developing. Since 2009, Première Vision China is alternately held in Beijing (spring) and Shanghai (autumn).



Première Vision and Expofil, the leading international show for yarns and fibres, join forces in Première Vision SA. This operation strengthens the synergies already in place between the two shows, leaders in the two main textile industries. It also reinforces the ability of the new ensemble to adapt to evolving textile markets.


September 2002

Faithful to its aim of constantly presenting its buyers with the top offer in terms of creative textiles, Première Vision for the first time welcomes weavers from countries outside of Europe. The principle of a selective show remains unchanged.

February 2002

Première Vision gets a new look. In a desire to update and modernise the whole show, Première Vision calls on architect, designer and urban planner Jean-Michel Wilmotte.


The creation of Première Vision Preview New York. The show, held at the opening of the season, in January and July, addresses the expectations of American order writers, who in general want to see collections earlier than the rest of the world.



Increasingly international, Première Vision moves into the new Parc d’Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, near the international airports.


Première Vision opens up to European weavers, putting the accent on European creativity, while reaffirming the principle of selecting exhibitors.


The Lyon-based weavers are joined by other sectors of the French weaving industry.


Weavers decide to consult with each other early on, to propose a synthesis of seasonal colour and fabric trends to buyers. With the dual aim of lending coherence to the offer, and helping to structure the market.


15 weavers from the Lyon region jointly move out ahead of the market, by presenting their fabric collections at the International Textile Centre in Paris.