Security measures

Security measures will be reinforced throughout the duration of Première Vision Paris (assembly, show, and disassembly).

Please find below the details of security measures currently in place at the Parc des Expositions venue at Paris Nord Villepinte, which have been put in place in strict collaboration with the French public security authorities:

1 / at the RER exit: a security team with a strengthened and visible presence will provide a visual surveillance of the area.

2 / at the entrance doors to halls 3, 4, 5 and 6: filtering and spot checks, including opening bags when entering interior doors. You are invited to leave your suitcases in the cloakrooms

3 / within the inner gallery of the exhibition hall: filtering and random checks prior to arrival at the entrances to hall 3 and hall 6

4/ taxi entry: filtering and random checks at the stairway accessing the drop-off zone

5 / at the rear entrances to the hall, when accessing through the doors to the exhibitors’ parking lots: filtering and random checks including opening of bags at the doors. Exhibitors and agents are invited to leave their suitcases in their cars.  

We remind you that it is forbidden to bring suitcases into the show when it is open. Please leave your suitcases at your hotel, in your car, etc., in order to avoid entering the show with suitcases.

Otherwise, you may leave suitcases at the cloakroom, but you will be subject to a second random check.

Please! Travel light! 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.